1. The opposite of forecast. 2. To use a computer simulation to model an existing or historical weather pattern. (From "Jargon Watch" in Wired 5.11.) 3. To jokingly "predict" events that have already occurred (see usage quote, below).
Example Citation:
"What's going to happen yesterday? On any January 1st, a blitz of phone calls to Philadelphia from reporters and broadcasters throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia elicits — of all bizarre things — prognostications about the year just passed.
The focus of this international interest is advertising executive Les Waas, spokesman-in-chief for the Procrastinators' Club of America (PCA). His record for correctly 'aftcasting' worldwide events, he says modestly, is 100 percent."
— Harry Harris, "The Aftcaster: Les Waas, founder of the Procrastinators' Club of America," Ethnic NewsWatch

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